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Disposable Toilet Seat Cover for Toddlers
Key product attributes include...
  • Child-sized seat cover that is both disposable and sturdy
  • Ultra slim design makes storage easy
  • Away-from-potty assembly maximizes germ protection for both child and parent
    Potty protection as easy as 1, 2, 3!
    Stores easily in stroller, auto,
    luggage, and more!
    Ideal for restaurants, parks,
    ball games, and camping
    Unfolds and assembles
    in just seconds!
    A)  Fold top-flap "up & over"
    B)  Fold bottom-flap "down & under"
    C)  To minimize lateral movement, fold middle flap down
    Position on toilet and
    your work is done!
    No fiddling with fasteners. No touching and/or lifting of dirty toilet lid cover
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